The Why.

Mipstick empowers you with
knowledge and understanding of how
your body works to foster lasting,
sustainable change.


The How.

Mipstick provides the practical
steps and tools needed to ensure
success in reaching your goals.


The Help.

Mipstick offers continued support,
guidance and accountability while
establishing your new lifestyle routines.


Our mission is to help the world achieve their fitness, weight loss or wellness goals safely and sustainably, without diet and exercise extremes that are unrealistic, ineffective, and unsafe.  This is achieved through a methodology using natural nutrition to optimize the engine behind it all – YOUR BODYIt’s our honour to:

EDUCATE you about the power within your body,

EMPOWER you with the practical real-life tools to implement this knowledge, and

ENCOURAGE you to claim the right to transform your body, your health, and your life. 

Our mission is to ensure everyone can build their optimal bodies by providing integrative nutrition support that is accessible and affordable to all.


WE DO menu plans to support a variety of holistic wellness needs, simple & delicious recipes, macro & micronutrient evaluation, customized symptoms assessments, lifestyle strategizing and support, through private individual consulting, a variety of online programs, and an exclusive membership.

WE DO NOT promote a specific diet  (ie: keto, paleo, vegan).  If your preference, body or lifestyle calls for a particular way-of-eating at a particular time that resembles one of these diets, no problem! We support YOU, rather than just a diet.

Menu Plans & More

Because we can all benefit from a little extra structure and support, but not everyone wants customized nutrition consulting.

Trusted and affordable nutrition information that fits our macros, our goals, and our everyday real lives.

Member-only access provides the inspiration, structure, education, accountability, new ideas, practical tips and tools you need to reach your goals.  Macro calculations, monthly menu plans and challenges, expertly crafted flexible and delicious recipes, weekly Q&A, tips and practical tools, special bonuses and savings, and much more.  

This is YOUR space.

Drop in for ideas and inspiration as needed, or use as your accountability, support and check-ins (instead of costly 1:1’s) when working through one of our core nutrition programs. 

The inspiration and information you need without the expense you don’t!

Nutrition Programs

Yes, we do Menu Plans! Surprisingly, many nutritionists don’t. But having the structure of something on paper to take the guesswork out of planning and executing your new way of healthy eating can be super helpful, especially in the beginning.  We believe that not providing a menu plan would be like a personal trainer recommending a leg workout, without providing a template with specific exercises, reps and sets.

A structured meal plan can significantly improve success in reaching your wellness goals when implemented at strategic times in your nutrition journey, such as when creating new habits or when looking for extra motivation or inspiration.  A meal plan provides a template in which to put your dietary recommendations into practice, help with meal prepping, and offer fresh new recipe ideas.

Our online nutrition programs are hands-down our BEST VALUE for comprehensive nutrition programs to target the unique needs of active adults who struggle to reach their goals. Extra personalized is available with or without an online program when we meet for a 1:1  support session.

1:1 Consulting

Private one-on-one Support Sessions

Whether in-person or virtual (phone or video chat), 1:1 sessions provide the opportunity to address your unique needs at any given time, answer your specific questions big or small, and provide additional support and accountability.  Here’s how you can take advantage of private 1:1 sessions:

    • On a one-of basis as needed
    • For extra support as you’re working through an online nutrition program
    • For customizing a nutrition program personally for you

Note: if you’re new to Mipstick, please book a 75 minute initial 1:1 consultation.  After that, chose 30 or 60 minute support sessions as you wish.

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CEO & Founder
Yvette Styner, CHN, PTS, CCF

Yes, it’s moi! I’m the creator of Mipstick and am certified in Holistic Nutrition, Coaching, and Fitness Training.  My own fitness adventures have included competing at an elite pro level in natural fitness & figure, recreational squash, and long distance running.  Currently, when I’m not working with clients or teaching Sport Nutrition and other courses at the CSNN in Calgary and Victoria, you can find me taking long ocean walks with my hubby and yorkie, grinding it out in a crossfit or spin class, or travelling the world.

See more about me below, or head on over and check out my story

Research & Science Advisor
Leesa Klich, MSc., R.H.N.

Leesa earned her Master’s degree in Biomedical Toxicology and Nutrition, and later added a certification in Holistic Nutrition.  She now blends the two and lives “at the intersection of science and holistic health”. As a scientist, she does not jump to conclusions from minimal studies or sensationalized reports, but uses the science behind what we know and don’t know about foods, supplements, and lifestyle factors.

Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Jane Levesque, ND, MSc.

Dr. Jane is a graduate of Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and holds a Bachelors degree of Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa.  She also has extensive experience as an elite level gymnastics coach and a CrossFit instructor.  Her passions combine to enable her to provide an exceptional and inclusive approach in educating and empowering her patients.

Fitness Advisor
Ryan Richardson, Pro Coach

With more than 11 years of experience and over a 90% top 5 finish rate in the competitive bodybuilding and fitness industry, Ryan has the expertise and dedication to help you build your absolute best body.  His approach is rooted in science and uses food to optimally fuel and build the body, rather than depriving it to achieve leanness and muscularity, making him a great fit for team Mipstick.

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  • Holistic Wellness

  • Science-based Nutrition

  • Fitness and Athletics

As a holistic nutrition professional, Yvette’s approach is rooted in science and uses food as a tool to improve the body’s physiology and systems to foster improved wellness, sustainable weight loss, increased athletic gains, or whatever your goals may be. As a competitive athlete, she understands the passion and drive to push the body beyond limits, often taxing the body systems.  

It is the balancing of these juxtaposing ends that makes Yvette unique within the field of holistic nutrition.

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“I just decided one day I didn’t want to feel like that anymore… I didn’t know how unwell I’d been until I experienced well.  I craved knowledge… what was going on in my body before that made me so symptomatic, and what exactly was going on now to create such vibrancy, all without any medical intervention?”


In case you’re wondering…

So what is Holistic Nutrition anyway?

Do you know the science behind the study of holistic nutrition?  Learn more.