8 Pillars of Mipstick’s Nutrition Approach

So you’re interested in starting a new diet plan or booking a consultation with a nutritionist.  Maybe you’re looking for that structure or accountability you’ve been lacking. Maybe you need to shed a few pounds, you want to know exactly how much you should be eating, maybe you just need some inspiration and new recipe ideas, or maybe you don’t even really know what you need yet!

There’s an abundance of “diet” philosophies out there and even more programs that claim to do everything from ensure you can eat as much chocolate as you want for the rest of your life to suggesting you should never ever eat a carbohydrate again!

There are so many diet plans out there, and even more coaches who could have any degree of varying approaches amongst the big, w–i–d–e world of nutrition and diet coaching.

I’m gonna try to simply things for you a little, and tell you about the eight pillars that make up our approach at Mipstick.  These are the staples that you can expect in our online nutrition programs, in our monthly menu plan membership, or when you work with us privately in 1:1 consults.


1. Structured Menu Plans

    • includes recipes collections and grocery lists
    • helps build a strong foundation and can significantly improve success in reaching your goals
    • provides a template in which to put dietary recommendations into practice, help with meal prepping, offers fresh new recipe ideas, and teaches food components, serving sizes, etc

2. Education

    • understanding the “whys” is what keeps you eating healthfully long after having the support of a nutritionist or structured meal plan

3. Physiology

    • digestion and absorption of nutrients, hormone balance, immunity, brain health… all your body’s major systems and organs are the real work horses behind your ability to look and perform optimally, regardless of what or how much food you eat. “Build Your Best Body from the Inside Out” reflects our primary focus on how your body works, not how it looks (although the “works” supports the “looks”)
    • not only effective and evidence-based, but a refreshing approach for many after years of self-deprecating or discouraging “dieting” attempts

4. Food Quality + Quantity

    • nutrient-rich real food is what optimizes how the body works for you
    • macronutrient and caloric calculations to ensure you’re eating the right amount and at the best times for your needs and goals

5. No extremes

    • short term extremes results in short term result and endless frustration
    • best “diet” is one you can actually do and maintain; this is dynamic and different for everyone

6. Realistic and Practical

    • nothing works unless it works; for real life, even the most expertly calculated menu plans won’t work if you they’re not realistic for your personal circumstances

7. Combatting Obstacles

    • real life has many obstacles; learning to tackle these obstacles requires skill and practice

8. Support & Accountability

    • crucial to success, various support options available to suit individual needs

That’s our approach at Mipstick 😁

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