Here’s what keeps me inspired…

Hi Yvette, thanks for sharing your 3-Day Gentle Cleanse. After only three days I’ve noticed positive changes.
* lost three pounds
* a nagging cough I’ve had for months has gone away
* I feel lighter, less bloat
* I am energized
* my legs don’t have that heavy feeling
* good sleep
* I’m happier
Thank you!

Lisa, 44, Calgary

I just completed the jump start with Yvette and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Karen, 42, Calgary, AB

Education, inspiration and motivation. Yvette has always and continues to provide me with the foundation and support to be the healthiest balanced athlete possible.

Terrie, 44, Calgary, AB

Thanks so much for all your work with me these past nine weeks.  Physically I am not where I want to be yet, but I have the gained the knowledge to get there 🙂   

Your plan for me was very personalized which I have never received before and I know you truly cared about my success. 

Jo-Ann, 38, Calgary, AB

I was a little panicked when I got results of food sensitivities testing that showed high reactivity to several common foods.

As a full-time student and a bachelor, I had no idea how I’d make it work for me.

I sent mipstickYvette my food testing results and within a week I received tons of recipes that were not only “allowed” for me, but were also easy to prepare and tasty.

I actually have more variety now than I’ve ever had because of the many new staples in my diet that I just never thought of or gave a chance to before.

Darren, 26, Calgary, AB

Before I met Yvette I was well on the road to where I wanted to be, I had lost about 16kg in 7 months, I was training hard and I had my goals, but she taught me how to train harder, push further and introduced her amazing Dynamis supplements and clean eating into my life.

6 months later and I lost another 12 kgs and live a holistic lifestyle. Eating clean and training hard is my biggest joy in life and this boy from down under has Yvette to thank for that.

If you want motivation you will find it in her!

Sam, 21, Melbourne, Australia

I’m not a Mipstick Yvette client, but have worked with Yvette for the past two years in a business capacity so have had the opportunity to get to know her from a different side of things. I can absolutely see why she gets the results she does, and has the loyal following she has. She is one of the most dedicated, passionate, and truly authentic people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and the honour of knowing. She really, really cares. It just shows — and it’s contagious.

By infusing Mipstick Yvette with her own experience and love of both hardcore fitness and holistic nutrition, Yvette has created a game-changing company that equally respects nutrition quantity (numbers) and quality (source of those numbers) in the athlete’s life. This, to my knowledge, is not being done elsewhere and Yvette has managed to seamlessly integrate these two philosophies for her clients’ health and performance.

Orsha, founder NeuroTrition, Calgary, AB

I was 11 weeks out from my biggest fitness competition to date (CBBF NATIONALS) when I came to Yvette for guidance. I was suffering from severe digestive troubles and serious bouts of constipation and acid reflux. Yvette was determined to get to the root of the problem and conducted a total health assessment and as a result, was able to provide me with some strategies and products that were still in line with the parameters of my strict competition diet. (Anyone familiar with this type of diet, knows just how tricky this can be!) Immediately I started to notice a difference and was able to continue my competition prep with much more ease and understanding of my body. Not only did I feel better overall, I felt Yvette really took the time to explain things in detail and not just say “take this” or “do this” without providing the “why” behind it. I will always value the knowledge Yvette was able to provide me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to achieve optimal health and wellness!

Sarah, 30, Calgary, AB

As a professional squash player, having a good diet is essential to performing well in competitions, training properly, and avoiding getting sick while traveling. Since meeting with Yvette, I have seen a dramatic difference in my energy levels, immune system, performance on court, and body composition. The best part about her program is that it is tailored to my specific needs. She provided me with tips on how to cook/prepare healthy food for myself on the road (even in hotels with minimal appliances), how to prepare my food for the week so I always have food readily available, which vitamins to take to stay healthy and maximize energy, and some delicious recipes that I could try myself. The Independent Action Plan along with the Ebook makes it easy to stay on track, see more improvements, and gain a better understanding about how my body works and processes food. Love it!

Danielle, 23, Calgary, AB

I had a HUGE win today. Went to CrossFit with Ben and kicked his butt at push press (historically he has been a lot stronger than me as he is so broad shouldered) and set a new PR… AND I didn’t run out of gas during the Metcon. All huge wins for me. Eating more has been easy… and feels good. I haven’t been sore or fatigued.Thanks for your guidance, it’s working!

Tom, 44, Calgary, AB

Yvette really cares about your process and the knowledge behind good. She wants you to not only meet your goals and feel better, but become educated as to WHY you feel better and WHY you want to continue the lifestyle. I varied from 8-10 pounds during the 28 day challenge and lost 2 inches out of my stomach and waist. It’s about learning that you and your body deserves better and to understand also that it’s okay to enjoy that glass (or bottle) of wine sometimes but as long as you are feeling good and healthy and happy 🙂

Kenzie, 23, Calgary, AB

Thank you sooooo much Yvette. I love ur recipes. Lost 5lbs since Thursday w Immune Boosting. I feel amazing. You are a godsend with this part of my journey!

Bernadette, 45, Calgary, AB

Down 8 lbs in 2 months!! Clean eating, supplementing, lots of water, great sleeps and more walking/at home exercises! I’ve spent more hours in the kitchen in the last two months then I have all of last year and love it!! Trying new recipes and really looking for foods that help heal from within. My clothes are fitting better and I’m calm.

Janice, 34, Cochrane, AB

First time in 16 months that I’ve slept 4 nights in a row when I have to get up for work the next day!

Lori, 51, Calgary, AB

Kristine 44, former Paralympian Sherwood Park, AB
Kristine has cerebral palsy, is a busy mom to three special needs children, and was suffering with chronic digestive issues.

A friend of mine referred me to Yvette about a month ago. I’ve had IBS for years, but after a bowel infection last year I’ve had to make big changes. I consider myself healthy, but do not have knowledge to heal myself completely. As a former Paralympic athlete I still embrace fitness and now with Yvette I know I be the best person I can be. I’m training again and not feeling exhausted and sore afterward, even though I’m lifting heavier and running faster! I’m also Tecta free, and only gaviscon the odd time as needed. Thanks Yvette, your support means so much!

Kristine, 44, Sherwood Park, AB

Yvette has helped me fine-tune my nutrition to handle a lot of stress and two surgeries, without being on a diet.

She has so much passion in what she does!

Joanne, 52, Calgary, AB

She provided science-based information that helped me make dietary changes to support liver function, and avoid certain supplements and vitamins that could interact with this drug.

I even learned a lot about how food can help with mood and depression, another big concern when taking accutane.

Dale, 19, Vancouver, BC

Yvette taught me that it is never too late to change my unhealthy lifestyle and adopt a life changing one!

At my age, and with Parkinson’s Diseas