Glucose is our body’s number one fuel or energy source, and generally speaking all sugar breaks down into glucose. If more fuel is taken in than is used in the body, it will be stored as fat. Hence, it is no surprise that high sugar diets lead to weight problems. But it’s more complex than just energy in – energy out.

When we consume high sugar foods, it causes a spike in our blood sugar level. Scary thing is, sugar is hidden in a huge array of different foods that one wouldn’t even think about. Boxed cereals, crackers, snack bars, fruit juices, flavored yogurts, bread, breakfast bars just to name a few… essentially if it is packaged, it almost certainly contains refined sugar. Even if you are not a “sweets” person, don’t falsely assume you are safe from refined sugars. Alcohol, sports drinks, ketchup, bbq sauce, tomato sauces, salad dressings and other condiments contain sugar as a main component.

The body responds to high levels of circulating glucose in the blood by sending a signal to our pancreas to release insulin, the hormone meant to help regulate blood sugar levels, in an attempt to lower the blood levels, almost always resulting in a surge that brings the blood sugar levels too low. This is the “sugar crash” we’ve all heard of or experienced. At this time, we now need more glucose in the bloodstream, signally our brains to send hunger signals so that we will eat more.

Often these signals are undeniably strong, and experienced as intense and compulsive cravings for more simple carbohydrates… and the vicious cycle of cravings and continuous intake of sugars continues, leading to weight gain.

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