Sugar poison copy

Want to be happier?  Avoid refined sugar.

Not because you’ll be happy with your slimmer, leaner physique (although that will undoubtedly be an added perk), but because sugar consumption is linked to many mental health symptoms.

Glucose itself is necessary – problems arise when there is an excess of it.

Sugar and excessive refined carbohydrates damage the brain.  “The reason this happens is that an excess of glucose, much like oxidants, damages nerve cells and stops them working properly.  This happens because glucose reacts with proteins in the brain and nervous system.  This reaction, called glycation, stops the protein from moving freely and membranes start to get thicker and ‘gunked up’, slowing down brain communication.”

Brain fog?   Poor memory?  Irritable?  Anxiety and/or depression?   Could be that sugar is gunking up your mind.  Contact us for help eliminating that dreaded sugar.

Reference:  Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, 2011 Patrick Holford