Grocery confusion (1)

I ‘ve got a pet-peeve I need to vent – that society calls eating real food “alternative”!

Wait, whaaat?!? Gluten-free, vegan, whole foods, grass-fed, paleo, free-range, organic foods, etc… these are considered “alternative” diets. Really? Alternative to what? Quick, boxed foods, refined sugars, artificial colourings, trans fats, chemical additives, pesticides, plastics, hormone and antibiotic injected caged-raised animals?

We’ve got it backwards.
Definition of alternative: “pertaining to unconventional choices”.
Definition of conventional: “in accordance with tradition or practice from the past”.
It seems to me that clean, natural, unaltered real food was here long before the addition of all the above – so shouldn’t that stuff be the alternative to conventional?

That’s my rant.