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Lose the weight

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You’re a health conscious individual, which means you’re putting in hours at the gym & in the kitchen – but the thing is, you don’t have the abs (or even the energy to get through your day) to show for it.

You spend a good chunk of your spare time combing through the contradictory “health” information floating around, but it’s tough to cobble the pieces together into something that feels right for you. What gives?!

Imagine if…

  • you could feel full and satisfied from all of the food you eat, while still losing those stubborn pounds
  • you knew how to build muscle & boost your energy in a safe, sustainable manner
  • your body actually reflected all of the hard work you’re putting in

Get Your Body Working For You, Instead of Against You

In-depth nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset support packaged up and delivered in comprehensive and focused programs that address the very things within your own body that are keeping you in the abyss of diet and exercise extremes.


Each of our BYOB Nutrition Series programs Educates, Empowers, and Encourages you through your journey to combat excess weight and optimize performance in life by addressing the underlaying root causes that sabotage your efforts. We combine evidence-based science in nutrition, paired with holistic practices to address these imbalances and deficiencies, so that you can enjoy your strongest, leanest and most energetic body. 

This could be


I once battled the relentless muffin top, fatigue, and poor recovery – despite my constant diet and exercise efforts.

I was a personal trainer & fitness coach for over 15 years. I played squash competitively & ran several marathons. I was no stranger to working out, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about proper diet.

I was doing everything that I thought I should be doing, but still had numerous health issues & couldn’t get rid of the extra pounds that left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

But one day, I met an incredible coach who taught me how to fuel my body – not just to support my athletic goals, but also my health. Crazy concept, right?!

As athletes, recreational fitness enthusiasts, or those trying to lose weight, we tend to get lost in calories, macro grams, and reps in the gym.

Those are important – but it’s what is going on INSIDE our bodies that is actually working to create a killer physique and optimal health.

I finally started to lose the stubborn weight, my health issues improved, and my energy soared.

That’s where my passion for clean eating and holistic living began. Being truly well felt AMAZING.

I dove into the science of food at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and since then I have combined my education with my athletic background to work with hundreds of people who were in a similar place… and helped them achieve the same!

What Others Have To Say About Our Transformational Programs

I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my energy levels, immunity, performance on court, and body composition!

Danielle, Professional Squash Player, Calgary AB

I had no idea my digestion could affect my performance!

Darcy, Crossfitter, Calgary AB

The menu plans are simple to follow and such great value for the money. Highly recommended.

Jodi, Mom and Ultramarathon'er, Auckland NZ

I knew I needed to eat more anti-inflammatory foods to help with my auto-immune condition, but it was so helpful to see it in an actual menu plan with real foods. The tips included in the recipes were helpful too.

Sharon, Victoria BC

I was training hard, but Yvette taught me how to train harder, push further. Six months later and I lost another 12 kgs. Eating clean and training hard is my biggest joy in life now!

Sam, soccer coach, Melbourne, Australia

My naturopath recommended an AIP program for my auto-immune condition, and Mipstick’s meal plan with recipes and other tips was exactly what I needed, and great value too.

Lynn, Calgary AB

I’ve had other plans created for me over the years and never had them include all I got with the Last 10 lbs Food Camp. So helpful!

Kenzie, collegiate hockey, Lethbridge AB

A simple and straightforward approach to navigating today’s complicated nutrition world.

Chelsea, Calgary AB

Custom meal planning and private nutrition support can be costly, we get it. That’s why we created affordable comprehensive programs to tackle the very specific things that consistently sabotage your efforts – complete with menus, macro calculations, recipe collections, and so much more!



Because knowledge is power! Discussion of the primary focus, deficiency symptoms checklist, and creating an understanding of how it impacts your weight loss, fitness or wellness goals.


Sample meal plans that directly support the specific goals of the program, plus calculated calorie and macronutrient ranges to help shed body fat, maintain or build lean muscle, and optimize energy and performance.


Easy & delicious recipes that contain foods rich in the nutrients needed to support the targeted focus, are macro and serving-size appropriate to support fitness or weight goals, AND are whole foods based and practical for real life.


Easy to use checklist “Foods to Include, Foods to Reduce” that specifically support the key system of your targeted program, plus our handy Healthy Hacks Substitutions guide to stock your pantry.


Because the body, mind and spirit are all connected and longterm optimal wellness requires a holistic approach. Evidence-based lifestyle, mindset, rest & destress tools to support the targeted focus of the program.


Each program includes extra real-life tools to help in your journey; ie: weekly progress tracker, workout templates, extra recipe collections, travel tips or food swaps charts.

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Participants may experience a surge in confidence, pride, energy, and inadvertently become a role model for others. Proceed with excitement.

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This is your foundation. The fundamentals of macros, meal planning, goal setting, combatting inflammation and cortisol, and so much more.  The what, why and how to lose those last 10 lbs and gain a wealth of tools to build your optimal body and balanced life.



Life gets out of balance, and so do our blood sugars. Even mild fluctuations wreak havoc on your weight, energy levels, and more. Learn what nutritional formulas can help you escape those sugar cravings, without having to give up your beloved sweets!



This program is your ticket to injury prevention and recovery, reduced aches and pains, and a strong immune system – all obstacles that often stand in the way of not only your weight loss and fitness goals, but increase your risk of illness and disease.