We create macro based meal plans for weight loss, performance, individual dietary preferences or needs, and most importantly – for real life.

All of our weekly meal plans are delivered in digital form so you can download and/or print them. They include nutritional values for the weekly totals, plus each individual meal/snack, staple grocery lists for all ingredients needed, recipes for all meals and snacks (in beautiful color pdfs), substitutions, and even extra “food school” tips in the recipes (pssst: how is this avocado gonna help me work on my six-pack?!)

How many meals?

Most weekly menu plans include 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily, a required grocery list, all recipes for the meals and snacks on the menu, and include both daily total nutritional value breakdown (macro ratios and total calories) and nutritional values for all individual recipes.

How many macros?

Most of our menu plans have a macronutrient ratio of approximately 25-35% protein, 25-35% fat, and 35-55% carbohydrates, depending on the plan. Values will vary according to the goals or that specific program, whether that’s an online program or one that has been customized for you.  The goal of our online programs is to support weight/body fat reduction while ensuring energy requirements, performance, and additional protein needs of the active adult (cause we know you’re hitting the gym a few times a week, right? 😉)

What about variety?

We develop meal plans that are simple enough for your schedule, but have enough variety to quench your soul’s appetite. The number one reported diet obstacle is meal plans or recipes that are too complicated. Number two is food boredom. Can you relate?!

Sure, it’d be great to have a different gourmet meal every night, but let’s face it – unless your house is a restaurant (mine sure isn’t!), this is impractical. You’ll be seeing common real foods like chicken, fish (unless you’re vegan), nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice, and lots of fresh veggies and salads on our meal plans. You’ll also see the same meal repeated 2-4 times each week, providing simplicity in both meal prepping and grocery shopping.  We’ll switch it up on the next plan to ensure you get a broad spectrum of whole foods and nutrients.

The included grocery list lets you know exactly what you’ll need for the week.  No more food waste. We’ll also show you a variety of ways to prepare foods to add different flavors. If there’s an ingredient you’re not familiar with, replace it with something you’re comfortable with. We’ll give you options in each recipe.

Menu Pkg includes meal plan, staple grocery list, nutritional values, and recipes.

Contact us to discuss a menu plan to fit your needs!

The Last 10 lbs Food Camp nutrition program is THE FUNDAMENTAL program to set you up for success! 12 weeks of macro-based menu plans, recipe collections (including vegan), and practical real-life tips and tricks to make building your best body the most delicious thing you’ve ever done!


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