Monthly menu plans, recipes & support that fits your macros, your goals, and your budget.


Macro-based, whole foods MENU PLAN + RECIPE eCOOKBOOK that supports your weight loss, fitness & physique goals for less than the cost of one meal out – every month!

But that’s not all!  Here’s everything you get:


A featured menu plan every month for inspiration, fresh new ideas, and the structure you may need to support your goals.  Our macro-friendly plans support both your fitness or weight loss goals (designed for the moderately active adult) AND are practical enough for real-life.  We always include nutritional values that you can adjust if needed. We can help with personalization in your member-only discounted 1:1 consultation.


Paleo, vegan, keto, sugar-free, anti-inflammatory, high protein… you name it, we’ve got it!  In addition to those in your monthly Meal Plan, every month you’ll also have a new themed Recipe eCookbook with 25 or more recipes to provide endless variety and flexibility.   Simplicity, variety & great taste is our goal. We strive to create meals with minimal common ingredients you’ll find at most grocery stores.


To use as much or as little as you need, the private members-only facebook group is your place to ask questions, share your concerns, struggles and successes.  The Mipstick team is available regularly, providing tips and tricks, inspiration, and weekly Q&A coaching sessions. No more costly private sessions required to be heard.


Members receive 20% off any and all Mipstick nutrition products and services all the time!
This includes our 12 wk online Food Camp Program, as well as 1:1 sessions that can be used to personalize or make adjustments to your monthly meal plan. Never let budget stand in the way of getting the support you need to build your best body. 


Real-life tips and tools delivered on the regular. Food swaps, kitchen tips, travel must-haves, bonus workouts, and other exclusive surprises. You let us know what you need, we’ll do our best to get it for you!


Because we are holistic beings after all! Lifestyle and mindset support directly fosters building your best body too.  Holistic hump days feature sleep, stress mitigation tools, rest and recovery tools exclusive to Mipstick members. 

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