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Menu Plans & More

Because we can all use a little extra support.

A subscription-based membership born from a passion to be there for everyone and anyone who is willing to show up for themselves – and when you’re not able to (hey, life happens), we’ll show up for you!

Menu Plans & More

The access, information, and inspiration you need without the expense you don’t!

Monthly menu plans and challenges, expertly crafted flexible and delicious recipes, macro calculations, weekly Q&A, tips and practical tools, special bonuses and savings, and much more – all wrapped up and available exclusively to members. 

Drop in for ideas and inspiration as needed, or use as your weekly support and check-ins (instead of costly 1:1’s) when working through one of our core nutrition programs. 

This is YOUR space.

Imagine if…

  • you had access to current evidence-based nutrition information, menu plans, recipes, and more
  • you had a real person that you trusted with diet-related questions whenever they popped up
  • that person or team was expert in the fields of sports and holistic nutrition
  • you were part of a community of like-minded people who shared your wellness & lifestyle goals
  • this team helped to keep you accountable and motivated on the regular (it takes a village, right?!)

Accessible and affordable real-life nutrition support for active adults.

    • Inspirational menu plans
    • Recipes & real-life practical tools
    • Support & accountability 24/7
    • Member only savings on any and all nutrition programs, services and supplements – anytime and always

Nothing more. No complicated plans, no fancy components or levels, no extras that you may not want or need.

Simply tools and support at your finger tips, when you need it.  The value is in its simplicity.



A feature menu plan delivered to your inbox every month. 

Building a solid foundation with structured eating is what helps many of us move into integrative and intuitive eating. The structure of a meal plan can help build a solid foundation of knowledge, and can significantly improve success in reaching your goals. It provides a template in which to put dietary recommendations into practice, help with meal prepping, and offer fresh new recipe ideas.

Our macro-friendly, inside-out plans support both your fitness or weight loss goals AND those of real-life. Digestive support, hormone-balancing, family-friendly, paleo, anti-inflammatory… and lots more. As a member, you can vote on each month’s feature plan!  As always, our plans include nutritional values with guidelines to adjust as needed.


Our #1 greatest fan feedback is our recipes.  Clean, simple, and delicious. 

One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is food boredom. We’ve eliminated that obstacle! Paleo, vegan, keto, sugar-free, anti-inflammatory, high protein… you name it, we’ve got it!  We’ll inspire you with the new ideas every month in your featured menu plan, as well as highlight some special ones each week. 

Another obstacles to cooking for many of us… recipes that are too complicated.  Another one squashed!  We strive to create easy delicious meals with fewer than 8 common ingredients you’ll find at most grocery stores.

As a member, submit your recipe requests and we’ll see what we can find for you. You’ll also enjoy our community of recipe sharing.


A sense of community, support and accountability with our private members-only facebook group.

This is your place to ask general questions, to share your concerns, resources, struggles and successes. Use as much or as little as you need, when you need it.  The group also serves as your database for information – if you’re wondering about something, chances are another has asked the question as well.  If you’re enrolled in one of our core online nutrition programs, this group is where you can check-in with your progress, connect with others doing the same program, and receive the group coaching that’ll help support your success during the program.

The Mipstick team is available regularly, providing tips and tricks, inspiration, and weekly Q&A coaching sessions. No more having to schedule and pay for a private consulting session to be heard.


Members receive 20% off any and all Mipstick nutrition products and services all the time!
This includes any online nutrition program and 1:1 consulting, as well as all your supplement products from our trusted medical grade dispensary.
Never let budget stand in the way of getting the specific support you need to build your best body. 


Real-life tips and tools delivered on the regular.

Kid-friendly recipes, travel must-haves, bonus workouts, featured guest contributors and other exclusive surprises. You let us know what you need, we’ll do our best to get it for you!


Because we are holistic beings after all!

Lifestyle, mindset and soulful support directly fosters building your best body too.  Sleep, stress mitigation tools, rest and recovery tools exclusive to Mipstick members. 

Menu Plans & More™

Your subscription to trusted and affordable nutrition and holistic wellness support that fits your macros, your goals, and your everyday real lives.

MONTHLY Membership


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YEARLY Membership

  • Billed yearly – Save $48!

* Billed Yearly

Note: we use email and facebook to host your exclusive membership content (a facebook account is required).

Rated E for Everybody. Our membership is for you if…

You’re new to Mipstick and curious about who we are and what our approach is.  You’d like to see what we put out there without spending a small fortune. 

You’re working with us already and need a little support and accountability as you work through your nutrition program, without the added cost of 1:1 consults – or maybe you’ll tap into both.  Let’s do this!

You’re crushing your goals and want to keep the momentum going.  Continued access to resources and support, continued self-care at its finest. 

You like saving money.  Wellness and nutrition services can be costly, we get it.  It’s our mission to ensure that everyone who cares enough to inquire can find what they need at Mipstick.

You’re diet conscious and curious.

What’s holistic sports nutrition anyway?

You don’t trust yourself. Yeah, we get it. It’s a lot easier to make excuses to yourself than to a coach or community of others. Hurry, subscribe now! We got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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