Welcome to your Mipstick Member/Client Hub!  Come here anytime to access what you need.

“I’ve just booked my Initial Consultation, now what”?

  1. Complete your intake forms (a link should’ve been sent to you with your appointment confirmation; if not let us know right away at yvette@mipstick.com).
  2. Review the below Client Resources before our session together, and familiarize yourself with your private client portal on Practice Better.
  3. During your session, we’ll thoroughly discuss your assessment results, your recommendations and suggested meal plan (if applicable).
  4. Complete a Weekly Progress Tracker with your starting stats, and then submit one every week after that (usually on Sunday).
  5. Book your follow-up session now, for 3-4 weeks from today.
  6. Contact us as needed for support through your portal messaging, or on the member facebook group.
  7. Buckle in, open your mind to learning, and start crushing your goals 👊🏼


  1. Add yvette@mipstick.com to your email contact list so your monthly member emails with Meal Plan & Recipe Book don’t go into spam.
  2. Tune into the Facebook group often for weekly workouts, holistic tips, coaching Q&A, and more.
  3. Remember your private member code that provides 20% savings on all consults, programs and products (provided in your monthly member email).

Membership has its benefits! 

Save 20% on all 1:1 consultations and nutrition programs as a MENU PLANS & MORE™ member.