We’ve all heard the praises of quinoa, and yes – the hype is for real!

Did you know that most grains lack adequate amounts of the amino acids lysine and isoleucine – the ones that are crucial in supporting muscle growth and recovery? By contrast, quinoa has significantly greater amounts of both (especially lysine), making it a complete protein source with all the amino acids you need to support optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Quinoa is actually a pseudo grain. It’s not actually a grain, but a seed. It comes from a flowering plant in the amaranth family that originated in the Andes. It is naturally gluten-free, making it a great alternative for those sensitive not only to gluten, but to grains in general.  It’s high in protein, in fact, contains all 8 of the essential amino acids (what protein is broken down into in the body), and even provides calcium, B-vitamins, and iron.  It is such a popular and loved super food that 2013 was officially declared the International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations General Assembly as a contribution to global food security!

Here’s one of our favorite ways to use quinoa in a quick and delicious recipe the whole family will love!

MANGO QUINOA KALE SALAD  (click to download and print!)

Pro tip:
Eat the rainbow! Eat 5 vibrant colors each day in your fruits and vegetables to ensure a broad spectrum of different nutrients – this beautiful quinoa salad gives you 3 of them!