You’re about to get your hands on a Mipstick Nutrition Program, an A to Z training that will show you EXACTLY what to eat, what to do, and how to think to build your optimal body – and lose those last stubborn ten pounds!

The best part? You won’t have to starve yourself, restrict whole food groups, or sell your first born to do it … this is about making smart choices and developing an intuitive way of being forever.

You can work at your own pace in Mipstick’s BYOB (Build Your Optimal Body) Nutrition Programs. Check in as often or as little as you like, but be ready to LEARN and IMPLEMENT!

If you’re ready to conquer cravings, shed body fat, or have superb energy levels (yes, you can have it all!) this program was designed for you.


A must for both the beginner and experienced “dieter” to live a nutritious life without sacrifice. THE SIGNATURE PROGRAM that all others are built upon.


If it was just about diet and exercising, we’d all be doing it consistently already! Success in creating your own version of optimal requires the skillset and mindset to implement said diet or exercise information. Each week you’ll receive practical, fluff-free tips & tools, checklists, and actionable task items to implement into your daily life that will change more than the way you eat. It’ll change the way you want to eat and live.  

All programs can be accessed on demand, and you have lifetime access.

Here’s what’s included:


Get ready for your mini nutrition university! Knowledge is power and each week you’ll be empowered with the science and practical tools required to develop an understanding of how food impacts your weight loss, fitness or wellness goals. Equivalent to 6+ hours of in-class instruction.

Value $600


Because the body, mind and spirit are all connected and longterm optimal wellness requires a holistic approach. Weekly delivery of evidence-based lifestyle, mindset, rest & destress strategies to build optimal wellness and performance.

Value $600


Your program includes four meal plans, including a plant-based option, complete with calculated nutritional and macronutrient ranges to help shed body fat, maintain/build lean muscle, and optimize energy and performance.  Grocery lists and all recipes included.

Value $400


Over 100 easy & delicious family-friendly recipes that contain the nutrients needed to support hormones, digestive system, adrenals, and immunity – all the systems that make your body a fat-burning, high octane machine.

Value +


Because it’s all about food first! Easy to use checklists, supportive foods lists, staple pantry essentials and more. 

Value +


Extra extra! Real life includes travel, fussy kids, exercise boredom, food sensitivities… we got you covered.  Special recipe collections, substitutions guide, workout programs, and more.

Value 200+

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Program Value $1800+

Your Investment $799

MEMBERS: $639.20 CAD

(Members Save 20%)


After twelve weeks, you’ll …

  • be a macro-genius
  • feel confident and stress-free in the kitchen 
  • have the skills to continue building your optimal 
  • enjoy informed and flexible-eating for life
  • love how your body feels on the inside and outside
  • be rocking your best self and will never starve again!
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Is butter a carb?

  • when the only fungi you know is your friend, Brad
  • when the only benefit of an apple you’re aware of is the operating system
  • when all you know about a kiwi is that they’re from New Zealand
  • and other signs that you may be hungry for nutrition knowledge