Salmon, hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast team up to build a restaurant quality dish that is super healthy and easy to make!

Complete proteins (that contain all of the essential amino acids your body needs), anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, and energy-producing vitamin B12 make this dish a trifecta of mega-nutrition to help you build your best body from the inside out!

Haven’t heard of nutritional yeast? It’s sourced from whey, blackstrap molasses or wood pulp and has a cheesey-type of flavour. You can find it at most health food and it provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals and protein that almost anyone—from Paleo enthusiasts to vegans—can enjoy. Don’t confuse nutritional yeast with baker’s yeast, which is still active and could grow inside your stomach and deprive you of nutrients, or with brewer’s yeast, which is inactive but distinctly bitter.

Download and print your recipe here!