Many of us have new years resolutions and goals starting today.

Many include losing weight, feeling better, or to “undo” damages put upon the body throughout the holidays. Detoxing from sugar for a month will take care of all those things, and much more! So far we have a strong team of over 20 people working together on this and with eachother’s support and checking in, we can do this! Find me on facebook (mipstickYvette) and post that you’re joining the No Sugar January group, or just stay tuned on this blog. I’ll be posting various reasons why what we are doing is vital to our health and well-being. Post your successes and/or reach out when you’re tempted. Together we can all do this!

Sugar Causes Tooth Decay:   Pretty common knowledge, right?  But most of us have been raised to believe that it’s excessive sugar itself that causes dental decay.  That’s not the full story, however.   While sugar itself can be slightly corrosive, depending on its concentration and material it comes in contact with, what causes most cavities is bacteria. Cavity causing bacteria feed on sugar. Hence, the more sugar we eat, the more bacteria we have… which leads to many problems, including damage to our to our teeth.