Good or bad, habits are powerful.

And changing them can be tough. But all the studies prove it –> put a little conscious effort in, and new [positive, healthy] habits can be established in as little as 66 days.
Okay, that might seem like f-o-r-e-v-e-r, but think about how quickly the last two months of your lives have flown by!

The good news is, we’ve got a tool to help you stay on track for these days and many more.

A single sheet of paper. This one piece of paper attached, called a Habit Tracker, can help propel you toward establishing that weight loss or fitness goal you have. Numerous studies show that it’s human nature to be encouraged and driven by tracking something. It provides a tangible, visual measure of progress.
Choose a specific, realistic, and action-oriented goal for yourself (perhaps you have a few of them and will have more than one sheet going at a time). Record this goal on the left side of the Habit Tracker sheet. ie: I will drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day.
For each day that you engage in that behaviour, check it off on the habit tracker. Put a smiley face in the circle, color it in, place an X over it, whatever your heart desires.

And then watch as you rack up the circles and ACHIEVE your new goal-supporting habit 👋 and don’t forget to give yourself a high-five daily!

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Do you have other tools you use for helping establish new goal-supporting habits? Do share!


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