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Can my partner follow the same menu plan, without paying for it again?2020-01-02T14:40:30-07:00
Absolutely he can and no, you don’t have to pay twice!
All menu plans in the online nutrition programs and the monthly menu plans included in your membership are couples-friendly! The menu plans are created with nutritional values (daily calories and macronutrient ratios) for her, but they all come with lots of guidelines on how to adjust those values and serving sizes for him (or even a her with different needs)! Easy-peezy. And if extra support is ever needed, we’re always available for a 1:1 consult to help you out.
The exception to this would be if you’ve had a customized menu plan created for your unique wellness needs, as determined by a private 1:1 initial assessment and evaluation. If this is the case, contact us to discuss whether it would be suitable for your partner or others.
Do you offer group or corporate programs?2019-12-27T17:04:59-07:00

Enrich one, enrich the world!

Yes, we offer corporate/team programs and challenges to help your team become their most optimal selves. Details here, or contact us to inquire further.

Do I need to be actively working with Mipstick or in a group program to participate in the membership?2019-09-14T15:46:51-06:00

Na-uh.  The membership is a place for E-veryone!  Whether you’re new to Mipstick and plan to use the membership for menu planning and recipes ideas or support, whether you’re currently doing a nutrition program and using the membership for support and check-ins, or maybe you’ve just completed a program and want to continue with some connection… the membership is here for you.

Can I use the membership group to check-in when I’m doing my nutrition program?2019-09-14T15:43:24-06:00

Absolutely!  That is one of the main objectives behind the group – to provide a cost effective and safe place where you can check-in while working your way through a nutrition program with us.  You can also use the group to ask questions you may have, and to lean on others in the group for support or motivation as you need it.

How do I get on the member-only facebook group?2019-08-31T12:56:41-06:00

As soon as you subscribe to the membership, we’ll be sending you instructions on how to find us on facebook and send a “Request to Join”.  If you don’t receive this with your registration confirmation email, please contact us directly and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Do I need a password to access my membership content?2019-11-11T10:22:27-07:00

Nope, our membership is all about easy-peezy access.

There are simply two delivery vehicles for your membership perks:

  1. Private Facebook Group: this is where we share tips & tricks, have coaching Q&A sessions, highlight featured recipes, connect and collaborate, and deliver some of our other exclusive tidbits.
  2. Email Newsletter: on the 26th of each month, you’ll receive your member-only newsletter that contains your featured menu plan and recipe collection, and highlights the following month’s special events or offerings.
Can I cancel my subscription and/or get a refund?2019-08-31T10:25:30-06:00

You can cancel anytime at all with an email to us.  If you’re on the monthly billing subscription, we just need 14 days to ensure our admin team cancels your auto-payment.  Then you won’t be charged again, and you will be removed from the member newsletter and facebook community group.  If you cancel less than 14 days before your monthly bill date, you’ll still have your membership for just one more month!

There are no refunds on the annual membership. This is the plan to encourage commitment!  To ensure your annual membership isn’t auto-renewed, provide cancellation notice 14 days prior to your annual renew date.

What are the calories and macros in the membership menu plans?2019-12-29T10:45:33-07:00

Most all menu plans fall within the ranges that support what most of YOU (our active, lean muscle-seeking clients) have asked for.  That is approximately 1600-1900 calories for women and 2000-2500 calories for men.  The macronutrient ranges typically fall within the tried and tested 25-35% protein, 25-35% fat, and 35-55% carbohydrates, dependent on the plan.  Some plans will vary according to the specifics of that plan (ie: a sample keto diet, or a high protein, low carb plan).

All menu plans come with guidance on how to make adjustments to make it best suit your needs, ie: if more or less of something is required for your energy output or goals.

The membership facebook community is your platform for Q&A and support as needed.  And lastly, we are always available for a private consulting session for further guidance in determining your specific caloric or macro needs if desired.

How do I receive my member-only monthly menu plans?2019-11-11T10:21:34-07:00

When you first register, you’ll receive an exclusive newsletter (sent only to members) with that month’s sample menu plan, including the required grocery list and all recipes for the meals and snacks on the menu plan. After that, expect the featured plans on the 26th of each month.  This gives you a few days to do some planning and prepping!

You can jump in and follow along with others at this time, or download and tuck your plan away for when it best suites you.

How do I know what nutrition program is best for me?2019-11-27T18:22:09-07:00

Click through to the individual programs to each one’s full description.  We include symptoms checklists to help you determine which program will be best before you enrol. (pssst we wholly believe that everyone can benefit from any and all programs!)

For further guidance, we’re happy to sit down with you for a 1:1 consultation to go through a thorough assessment and determine the best route for you.

What if all I need from you is my macros calculated?2019-12-29T10:47:24-07:00

Cool.  No specific wellness concerns and no menu plan needed, macros only?  We can assess the many variables that go into calculating that for you (current activity and training level, fuelling times of day, sleep & rest variables, etc etc) during the 1:1 Initial Consultation.

What do Mipstick’s menu plans look like?2019-12-29T10:48:45-07:00

We create meal plans for real life.

They come in beautiful colour pdf’s that you can download or print off.  They include a weekly plan with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily, a required grocery list, all recipes for the meals and snacks on the menu, and includes both daily total nutritional value breakdown (macro ratios and total calories) and nutritional values for all individual recipes.

Most of our menu plans have a macronutrient ratio of approximately 25-35% protein, 25-35% fat, and 35-55% carbohydrates, depending on the plan. Values will vary according to your goals or that of the specific program you might be following, but are intended to support weight/body fat reduction while supporting the energy, performance, and additional protein needs of the active adult (cause we know you’re hitting the gym a few times a week, right? 😉)

We also develop meal plans that are simple enough for your schedule, but have enough variety to quench your soul’s appetite. The number one reported diet obstacle is meal plans or recipes that are too complicated. Number two is food boredom. Can you relate?!

Sure, it’d be great to have a different gourmet meal every night, but let’s face it – unless your house is a restaurant (mine sure isn’t!), this is impractical. You’ll be seeing common real foods like sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice, chicken, fish, nuts and seeds, and lots of fresh veggies and salads on our meal plans. You’ll also see the same meal repeated 2-4 times each week, providing simplicity in both meal prepping and grocery shopping.  The included grocery list lets you know exactly what you’ll need for the week.  No more food waste.

We’ll also show you a variety of ways to prepare foods to add different flavors. If there’s an ingredient you’re not familiar with, replace it with something you’re comfortable with. We’ll give you options in each recipe.

For more info, or to see a sample of our full menu plan packages, get in touch today!

What is the Mipstick methodology?2019-12-28T17:44:08-07:00

We’re so glad you asked!

Our core values of caring and sharing have shaped our three guiding practices:

Educate, Empower, Encourage

This provides the framework for all we do.  It’s the formula that works… for us, for you, for health, for love, for life.

Our programs are comprehensive and encompass a holistic approach on both diet and lifestyle; on body, mind and spirit; on both food quality and quantity, on individual needs and biochemistry, and on being genuine and practical for real-life. But none of it would be effective if not delivered in the framework of our core values. This is the formula we use, and it’s what we hope to help you to do in your life – to educate, empower and encourage yourself (just like you would do for your best friend 😁)

What if I can’t commit to the duration of the program right now?2019-11-27T18:09:34-07:00

Don’t worry, we’re not going to chase you down!  The beauty of our Online Nutrition Plans is that they are here for YOU, to work through as it best fits your life.  You’ll always have access to the modules, menu plans and other content in your program – like the travel tips and other tools to help combat life’s challenging times.

Not able to fully commit?  All the more reason to start an Online Nutrition Program today!  But if you’re not ready, how about starting with the Menu Plans & More™ membership, a space that provides the access, information, and inspiration you need without the expense or commitment you might not be ready for.  Check it out here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Can you help keep me accountable?2019-09-06T08:24:44-06:00

You betcha! Research shows that having someone other than yourself to be accountable to significantly increases commitment and compliance. Not only that, it’s always nice to know you have someone in your corner all the time, and at Mipstick we are!

Our Menu Plans & More™ membership was born from our passion to be there for everyone and anyone who is willing to show up for themselves – and when you’re not able to (hey, life happens), we’ll show up for you!  You can use this space for the monthly menu plans, recipes, and other tools it provides – or simply use it as a cost-effective alternative for your weekly check-ins, coaching connection, and accountability platform.

Lastly, you can have a 1:1 support session (consultation) at anytime for private support, whether used in combination with any program or on their own.

I don’t need a meal plan because I’m already on one with my fitness coach, but I’d love the extra support, tools, and recipes – can I still join?2019-07-31T15:28:13-06:00

Absolutely!  The menu plans are provided as part of the comprehensive package to help those who need or want it. Having the structure of something on paper to take the guesswork out of planning and executing your new way of eating can be super helpful, especially in the beginning. But if a more integrative and less intentional approach is where you are at, there are a plethora of real-life tools and support to benefit from in the programs.

I’ve finished one plan and loved it! I’d like to do another, will I see the same recipes repeated?2019-07-31T08:48:46-06:00