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How do I know what nutrition program is best for me?2019-08-22T07:39:35-06:00

Click through individual programs to see a full description for each.  We include symptoms checklists to help you determine which program will be best before you buy – although we wholly believe that everyone can benefit from any and all of these.

For further guidance, we’re happy to sit down with you for a 1:1 consultation.  We can do this at the beginning to help determine the best route for you, and/or throughout your program for additional personalized support if needed.

What if all I need from you is my macros calculated?2019-06-26T08:36:01-06:00

Cool.  No specific wellness concerns and no menu plan needed, macros only?  We can assess the many variables that go into calculating that for you (current activity and training level, fuelling times of day, sleep & rest variables, etc etc) during the 1:1 Initial Consultation.

Can you show me what your menu plans look like?2019-07-31T07:06:24-06:00

A structured meal plan is what we call intentional dieting, and can significantly improve success in reaching your wellness goals when implemented at strategic times in your nutrition journey, such as when creating new habits or when looking for extra motivation or inspiration.  This can take the guesswork out of it for you, provide a template in which to put your dietary recommendations into practice, and offer fresh new ideas in the kitchen.  Like any skill, intentional dieting becomes integrative and more intuitive with practice.

Our meal plans come in beautiful colour pdf’s that you can download or print off.  They include a weekly plan with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily, a required grocery list, all recipes for the meals and snacks on the menu, and includes both daily total nutritional value breakdown (macro ratios and total calories) and nutritional values for all individual recipes.

What exactly is the Mipstick method?2019-08-22T11:46:03-06:00

Our methodology ensures a comprehensive and integrative package that sequentially delivers all the ingredients vital to success, as determined by our team of experts and by YOU, our clients, with your valued feedback provided over many years of working together.

These ingredients for success can be expressed in our P&Q’S.

Firstly, we pair current evidence-based nutritional science with holistic practices to create programs, menu plans and recipes that are simple and practical for your everyday real life. You won’t find more than a few ingredients in our recipes, will typically be able to find everything you need in a normal grocery store, and won’t be required to spend hours in the kitchen every day!

Further, we also understand that the diet world is full of cookie-cutter plans that are very singular in what they provide.  We understand that you have unique physiology, lifestyle, and preferences – and so we build into our programs variety and the flexibility to make it personal for you.

We fill a missing link in the nutrition industry by bridging the gap between quality and quantity.  Our programs address your unique wellness needs (ie: anti-inflammatory or digestive support) with supportive nutrient-dense foods, while at the same time ensuring macronutrient ratios and total calories have been calculated to support your weight loss or fitness goals.

Integrating and addressing all of these crucial components purposefully and sequentially with structure and support – this is Mipstick’s winning formula! 

What if I can’t commit to a 6 week program right now?2019-08-05T10:18:07-06:00

Don’t worry, we’re not going to chase you down!  The beauty of our Online Nutrition Plans is that they are here for YOU, to work through as it best fits your life.  You’ll always have access to the modules, menu plan and other content in your program such as travel tips and other tools to help combat life’s challenging times.

Not able to fully commit?  All the more reason to start an Online Nutrition Plan today!

Can you help keep me accountable?2019-07-31T15:27:11-06:00

You betcha! Research shows that having someone other than yourself to be accountable to significantly increases commitment and compliance. Not only that, it’s always nice to know you have someone in your corner all the time, and at Mipstick we are!

Our 1:1 support sessions (consultations) can be used in combination with any program or on their own, as your way to connect, have your questions answered, address your unique needs or goals, and maintain accountability.

I don’t need a meal plan because I’m already on one with my fitness coach, but I’d love the extra support, tools, and recipes – can I still join?2019-07-31T15:28:13-06:00

Absolutely!  The menu plans are provided as part of the comprehensive package to help those who need or want it. Having the structure of something on paper to take the guesswork out of planning and executing your new way of eating can be super helpful, especially in the beginning. But if a more integrative and less intentional approach is where you are at, there are a plethora of real-life tools and support to benefit from in the programs.

I’ve finished one plan and loved it! I’d like to do another, will I see the same recipes repeated?2019-07-31T08:48:46-06:00

Great question!  You may see a few common staples that are imperative to any and all sensible, clean-eating plans.  But for the most part, we’ve worked hard to ensure lots of variety, while being mindful of providing practicality for real-life and choosing real foods that can be found at most grocery stores.

What if I need a few things adjusted on the online plan to work best for me? (ie: adjustments for food sensitivities, total calories, etc)2019-07-31T08:46:08-06:00

No problem!  Our core nutrition programs all include guidelines for making adjustments to suite your individual needs. However, if more customization is required, we’re always available for 1:1 support sessions via phone, facetime, or in person to help personalize it even further for you.

Does the cost of a 1:1 consultation include a menu plan?2019-06-20T16:41:29-06:00

Thanks for asking! Like other practitioners, our fee for your 1:1 consultation (aka support session) is for the time we spend together.  The development of a structured menu plan is completed outside of this time, and therefore is at an additional cost.  However, we’ve worked hard at creating budget-friendly options for you to make this more manageable.

Firstly, we ask that you complete your intake forms and return to us at least 48 hours prior to your initial consultation.  This allows us to spend time reviewing prior to our session and then use our time together more strategically, rather than for information gathering.

We also have created several comprehensive and budget-friendly Online Nutrition Plans that we may determine fits your needs very well. If this is the case, we can then spend time in our session making any required revisions to customize your program further if needed.

I’m interested in learning more. Where do I start?2019-06-02T17:30:07-06:00

Awesome, we can’t wait to meet you!  You can contact us via email or phone to arrange your FREE Discovery Call and chat about it.  Or fast-track and book your Initial Consultation online.  If you have troubles, contact us directly and we’ll guide you through the process.

Do your nutrition plans include a fitness plan as well?2019-06-02T17:21:02-06:00

Some of our Online Nutrition Plans do in fact include fitness recommendations or even a structured workout program, depending on the plan.  See the description for each plan for further details.

Are you a personal trainer?2019-06-02T17:18:40-06:00

Thanks for asking!  We no longer provide personal training sessions.  However, if devising a fitness or bodybuilding program to follow is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We can provide this service in conjunction with your nutrition program or our fitness advisor can develop a custom program for you.

I see you are a teacher. Do you also do private workshops?2019-06-02T17:22:54-06:00

Yes, teaching and being able to share the good-food-news with groups is something we are super passionate about! Contact us with inquiries about private workshop or consulting.

I can’t afford 1:1 nutritional counselling. What are my options?2019-06-20T16:40:31-06:00

Customized meal planning & nutrition support can be costly, we get it. That’s why we’ve created comprehensive Online Nutrition Plans with menus & recipe collections that help support optimal functioning of digestion, hormones, immunity and other crucial systems within the body that create wellness and help you BUILD YOUR BEST BODY, FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  Not sure what plan is best for you?  Don’t hesitate to contact us or our advising naturopathic doctor for guidance. All available at the click of button for less than the cost of a grande latte a day!

Will an online plan support my weight loss goals?2019-08-22T11:51:25-06:00

Most definitely, yes!

Great diet plans that support digestion or whatever else, but at the expense of your weight or fitness goals… what gives?!  It’s one of our pet-peeves too!  Unfortunately many diet plans created to address a specific nutritional deficiency do not come with the expertise behind them to ensure the total calories and macronutrients are met.  And this is WHY we’ve created our Build Your Best Body series of nutritional programs for athletes and active adults!

Mipstick aims to address this in our online nutrition plans.  All plans are created with average daily nutritional values to support what most of you have always wanted from us – BUILD LEAN MUSCLE – LOSE BODY FAT – IMPROVE PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY – HAVE GREAT ENERGY.  Additionally, every menu plan includes Guidelines to Adjust for your personal needs.  Of course, if further guidance is needed to ensure you’re hitting your unique needs, we are only a short consultation away!

My naturopath recommended a specific diet. Can you help?2019-07-28T08:01:02-06:00

Absolutely!  We work with your doctor to support their dietary recommendations.  Our Online Nutrition Plans can provide a simple, but comprehensive menu plan with recipes to support a variety of wellness concerns. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us.  We have protocols, menu plans, and recipes to support a variety of wellness concerns, including candida, thyroid support, leaky gut, autoimmune paleo, SIBO, and more.

I have some travel coming up. Should I postpone starting the group program?2019-06-02T16:41:17-06:00

Start the program now!  Seriously, all the more reason to get onboard. Whether travel, social or business engagements, or any array of “life” circumstances, there are always going to be things that take us out of our element and present a challenge.  But when you’re with Mipstick, you can count on us to help you through those challenges.  There are always alternatives and modifications that can allow a break, but still support our goals.

Sure, a vacation is for relaxing, and that includes enjoying some “treats” – trust me, we’d be treating ourselves too! With a little group structure and team support, you’ll be more apt to find a balance that works for you – that allows some treats, while still working toward your weight loss or wellness goals.  It’s an important life skill really, finding that balance.  And one that is always covered in our programs.  So go ahead, sign up for your program – we look forward to working with you!

If you have any other questions or would like to chat further, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a holistic nutritionist?2019-06-02T16:41:22-06:00

Great question! My answer is below, but by far the best way to explore the difference and likeness between the two is to hear it from someone who recently graduated from both institutions with both certifications. Read her intriguing article here.

And here’s my two cents.

I can’t speak comprehensively on behalf of the registered dietician, as I am not one. I can say that they are highly educated and are a crucial part of the medical treatment system. Their scope of practice is much different than Holistic Nutritionists, and their work is far more clinical than ours. They work largely within hospitals and other institutional settings, where the focus is on the treatment of illness. Although vital, this can also be limiting.

Holistic Nutrition’s role in health care is predominantly about support, prevention, and education. Our mandate is to recognize the individual biochemical and dynamic needs of each client, and promote customized wholesome, natural foods based diet and balanced lifestyle support to achieve optimal wellness and reduce disease risk.

The connection between body, mind and spirit is an integral part of our practice. We draw from current evidence-based science that demonstrates how food, lifestyle, our state of mind, and individual life experiences and circumstances affect our physical health.

Whereas dieticians work under medical doctors, holistic nutritionists often work under the guidance of naturopathic and other integrative doctors, or as part of a wellness team of practitioners (i.e. chiropractors, mental health counsellors, massage therapists, etc.). Like these integrative doctors and manual therapists, we have the luxury of more time with eyes/hands on with the client, giving us the platform to provide a broad spectrum, holistic approach.

Are you a competition coach?2019-06-02T16:41:01-06:00

No, I do not coach for fitness & bodybuilding competitions – but thanks for asking!

However, I can certainly help you build that very important foundation that is needed to begin the journey to the stage – with both fitness and/or your nutritional needs. This entails ensuring your digestion, adrenals, hormones and immunity are all functioning optimally before partaking on the demands of competition training.

Once your foundation is built, I can provide referrals to trusted competition coaches in the industry.

For competitors experiencing troubles with the above noted issues (digestion, hormonal balance, etc), I can work with you and your coach to help mitigate those issues while respecting your current competition diet.  Contact me to chat more about this.

Where does the word “mipstick” come from?2019-06-02T16:41:28-06:00

Great question! Mipstick is just a silly word that my daughter used to say when she was little, “Mommy, I want some mipstick on too”!  Yes, she meant lipstick. But I still call it mipstick to this day, just as I often say “I can’t ablieve it” instead of “I can’t believe it”, another endearing word created by my son when he was about two.  These words are not wrong, not errors to mock. They were the result of fearless, uninhibited efforts, of not being afraid to make mistakes. And in the process of using these fun, silly not-quite-accurate words, my children learned to talk. This unique word “mipstick” both represents many things to me and represents me as a nutrition coach and educator:  a little bit of quirky and silliness, stay young at heart, never take yourself too seriously, always try your best and don’t be afraid to not get it right, never give up, embrace being different, and always have fun!

Can my family also eat the food on my new plan?2019-06-18T12:28:24-06:00

Yes they can, because they will actually like it! It’s the feedback I love the most from our clients – that their families like the recommended meals and snacks, so they don’t have to cook two different meals all the time!  Simple, easy and delicious – that’s our motto with our recipes.  Sure, sometimes we sprinkle in a dish that’s a little fancier and will blow your mother-in-law’s socks off!  But for the most part, our recipes are created for real-life.  They typically have less than 8 ingredients and will not take you more than 15-30 minutes to prepare.

Are you Paleo?2019-06-02T16:41:46-06:00

I’m not Paleo. I’m not vegan. I’m not keto, nor any other diet. And I don’t dictate that you should be either. The best way of eating for you might resemble paleo or vegan or another type of “diet”, but essentially it will be determining what foods and eating habits are best serving your body, your goals and your lifestyle at any given point. That is precisely the best “diet” for all!


Are your services covered under my health plan?2019-06-02T17:30:46-06:00

Some private and extended health care plans offer coverage of nutritional services. Please check with your insurance provider directly.  We provide receipts that may be sent in to your coverage provider for reimbursement if available.

How do you bridge the gap between fitness competitor and holistic nutrition?2019-06-02T16:47:04-06:00

Yes, you can have it both ways! The sport of bodybuilding and fitness competing used to be riddled with (and sadly still is a little) many less-than-healthy practices. But thankfully, this world is changing!  I am proudly part of this change!  The association I compete in (the NPAA, Natural Physique & Athletics Association) is a drug-free, natural organization and strictly enforces this.  As a holistic athlete and wellness enthusiast, this is the only type of competitive organization I would participate in.

During competition season I am very disciplined and structured in my eating.  However, I never starve my body of total calories or a variety of important nutrients.  Yes, I measure and count values of all my food to ensure I’m fuelling my body with all I need to support my goals during the weeks just before competition.  At various stages in my training season, I increase or decrease protein, carbs or fats as needed;  I eliminate any and all processed, chemically-altered, or refined-sugar containing foods that could impede reaching my goals.  I eat only real, fresh and whole foods.  Yes, it takes tremendous discipline and it excites me to test my body and mind in this way.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not need to – nor should you ever – starve your body.  The healthful way to develop a strong, lean physique is by properly and sufficiently fuelling your body so that all systems function optimally.  This is how you reach your goals in a healthy, sustainable manner.

In the off-season however (between competitions) the whole idea is to have greater flexibility in eating a wide variety of healthful and enjoyable foods to support the body and soul, while still averaging out within a range that supports my goals as a physique athlete and for optimal health in general.  I don’t weigh or measure in the off-season, and I do indulge in occasion treats (sometimes quite regularly)!  I eat very similarly to my competition season diet, in terms of ensuring enough daily calories, adequate intake of all macronutrients, a regular eating schedule throughout the day to ensure blood sugar stability, metabolic rate and hormonal balance, and I still eat mostly natural, fresh whole foods, as I know that is how to enjoy vitality and longterm, sustainable health.

Can I meet with you to discuss what the best option is for me before moving forward?2019-06-02T17:30:54-06:00

Of course! Contact me to arrange your free discovery call.

How long will it take to see results?2019-06-02T16:47:40-06:00

Researchers from University College London found that the average time it takes to establish new habits is 66 days, however the body is an amazing machine that can respond quickly to being treated well. Most people can expect to see and feel positive changes within about 3 weeks. But we are all different in our readiness for change. Together we can determine what will be the most beneficial for you.

I’m not an athlete, just an active person. How can you help me?2019-06-02T16:49:17-06:00

Firstly, if you exercise 3 or more times per week, consider yourself an athlete! Whether you’re a recreational fitness enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or just starting out on your fitness and nutrition journey, you are part of our tribe at Mipstick!

I need guidance in my off-season. Can you help?2019-06-02T17:31:11-06:00

Yes. Our intense training as competitors can sometimes tip the scales (no pun intended!) against us in terms of pushing our systems beyond moderation, even with all our best efforts to remain healthy.

Thus, addressing these concerns or any imbalances in the off-season will help ensure overall wellness; as well as foster increased gains in the off-season to help move you toward you athletic goals.

I am currently training with a coach for an upcoming fitness/bikini competition, and would like to ensure my hormonal, digestive and other systems are strong and balanced. can you help?2019-06-02T16:50:55-06:00

Yes, see above.

With support from your coach, we can proceed with a full evaluation to identify any potential imbalances that may contribute to your training potential.

As a figure competitor myself, I consider both your general wellness and your fitness goals, and strive to make recommendations that will supplement your current program you may be following with your prep coach.

I think I know what I’m supposed to do, my problem is sticking to it. Help, I need accountability!2019-06-02T16:51:12-06:00

Researchers from University College London found that the average time it takes to establish new habits is 66 days, that’s 9 weeks!

That’s why we’ve created programs with support groups, accountability checkins, and recommended progress sessions every 4-6 weeks to help you stay on track while you develop new behaviour patterns and start to see results.

I’m not in the Calgary or Victoria areas, do you offer online services?2019-06-02T17:31:24-06:00

Yes, all the services are just as complete and beneficial whether online, via Skype and phone calls, and include the same time frame and costs.

Do you work with children?2019-06-02T16:51:29-06:00

No, but I would be happy to offer referrals.

I take medication for a diagnosed illness. How can you help me?2019-06-02T16:51:39-06:00

Many of the side effects of prescription medications result from nutrient depletions caused from use of the drug. By replenishing those nutrients, we can help minimize such side effects.

Various medications can also disrupt the normal balance of other systems in the body; such as the metabolic effect and weight gain associated with various medications. Thus, additional support to such systems while using the drug can be helpful.  There can also be a wide range of contraindications for many medications that may hinder the absorption or utilization of your medication in your body. By being aware of and addressing this, the efficacy of your medication can be improved.

** note: never stop or change the dose of your prescribed medication without consulting your physician.  Additionally, several herbal supplements can have dangerous contraindications with some medications; always consult your pharmacist or doctor  before taking new supplements.

The word “holistic” scares me, isn’t that like tree-hugging or something?!?2019-06-02T16:51:54-06:00

There’s actually some pretty cool science behind why tree-hugging is good for us, but that’s a whole workshop on its own!  “Holistic” to me means two things:

  1. it’s being aware of how our body systems work together in a cascade effect; i.e.: stress contributes to adrenal fatigue, which affects liver function, which contributes to hormonal imbalance, which impedes metabolic rate, weight loss, and more..  It’s recognizing that things seemingly unrelated (like headaches and constipation) can be very much connected.
  2. it’s having an awareness that the physical, emotional and spiritual all contribute to good health and vitality.  The whole person is all of these, and imbalances or impairment in one will ultimately affect the others.
What exactly is holistic nutrition?2019-06-02T16:52:02-06:00

Click here for the answer!

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