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Why am I not getting your emails?2020-04-29T11:49:32-06:00

We’re sorry!  Let’s see if we can figure it out.  Firstly, please add to your contact list or address book to ensure our emails don’t go into spam or the Promotions tab in your  See below for more troubleshooting tips.

Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account?
These providers deliver mail in small batches which can sometimes result in email delivery taking up to 24 hours. If you don’t receive an email from us within 24 hours after signing up, please email us at We’ll take care of you.

Oh spam filters – we love/hate you!
If you haven’t received anything from us after signing up for our newsletter, please check out your spam folder. It might still be hiding in there.

Using a corporate email server?
There could be an issue with your company’s filter, firewall, or server that is preventing you from receiving our updates and confirmation emails. This might require the help of your friendly company IT person, or alternatively subscribe using your personal email address.

Tried everything, and it’s still not working?
Please reach out, contact us and we will help resolve the issue. Don’t be shy.

What do your recipes look like?2020-04-24T13:57:25-06:00

Here you go!

What’s the difference between the “quickie downloads” Meal Plans and Recipe eCookBooks?2020-04-24T13:55:24-06:00

Great question. Both are easy on the wallet (at only $9.95 each), instant access download-ables, and well we think both are pretty awesome!

But why would you want one over the other?  It depends on what your needs are.

If you’re looking for recipes only, whether that’s just healthy & delicious new ideas and inspiration or whether that’s how to cook healthy meals specific to a need or preference – than the Recipe eCookbooks are your best bet.  You’ll get a minimum of 25 recipes per eCookbook, usually a combination of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, snacks and dessert ideas.

Here’s an example of our recipe format:

Our Recipe eCookbooks are targeted for a specific need or preference, for example: anti-inflammatory foods, or paleo recipes, or all vegan recipes.  Each and every recipe will show the nutritional values for that recipe (total calories, carbs, protein and fat in a serving). What you won’t get, however, is an actual meal plan directly you to eat this recipe for dinner on Thursday, for example.

If you’re looking for a structured meal plan, which shows you what to eat (and how much of it to eat) for every meal and snack for every day of the week, the meal plans are for you.

Meal plans are created to help you achieve a very specific goal such as weight loss or fitness performance whilst also adhering to specific types of foods (whether for preference or wellness needs).  All total daily and weekly calories and macronutrients have been carefully calculated to maintain a predetermined range for you/your goals. Of course, the meal plan will still come with full color recipes for all meals and snacks on your meal plan – but there will be fewer of them than what is in a full recipe book.  Meal plans are made to work for your real-life, and that usually means having the same meal a couple times to maximize food prep.  Therefore, expect about 12-15 total recipes included in a meal plan.


To maximize the benefits, consider both!  For example, if it’s available – go for the Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan, which will have you following a structured plan eating anti-inflammatory meals and snacks to support your weight loss or fitness goals AND purchase the complimentary Anti-inflammatory Recipe eCookbook, which will provide you with a few more anti-inflammatory recipes that you can enjoy!

Lastly, enjoy ALL of it at no extra cost when you become a Menu Plans & More™ Member!  That’s right, as a member you’ll get a FREE Meal Plan and Recipe eCookbook free to your inbox every single month!  And if you ever need 1:1 personalization/consultation, enjoy 20% as a member!!!

We hope that helps answer your question.  As always, get in touch if we can help any further.

Can my partner follow the same menu plan, without paying for it again?2020-04-22T14:44:05-06:00
Absolutely he/she can and no, you don’t have to pay twice!
All menu plans in the online nutrition programs and the monthly menu plans included in your membership are couples-friendly! The menu plans are created with nutritional values (daily calories and macronutrient ratios) that typically work for her (the average moderately active adult woman), but they can be adjusted for him simply by increasing all serving sizes by approximately 30-50%. Easy-peezy. If extra support is needed to customize the macronutrients and calories for individual needs, we’re always available for a 1:1 consult to help you out.
Do you offer group or corporate programs?2020-02-26T13:33:30-07:00

Enrich one, enrich the world!

Yes, we offer corporate/team programs and challenges to help your team become their most optimal selves. Contact us to inquire further.

Do I need to be actively working with Mipstick or in a group program to participate in the membership?