Today is great and I feel amazing!

I’m energized, I feel inspired, elevated, fulfilled, and a whole bunch of other warm-fuzzies!

WHY? Because I just got home from a training session with my coach, and with my friend and workout buddy.  This always leaves me feeling so content and grateful, that today it inspired me to write about it and share with you.

What was so great about this, or any other training session?  Not the workout itself, although that is always kick-a$$ fantastic, but it’s so much more.  I could have all the same experiences in this hour without the physical workout and still feel fulfilled as I do – because sharing this hour with these people inspires and validates me.  We laugh, we connect, and we motivate and support each other.

Sure, motivation and discipline comes from within, especially when it comes to starting and maintaining a fitness regimen.  But having people around you who share your passion and commitment, help to keep you accountable, and who push you to achieve your best, can make your journey so much more rewarding.


Whether it’s running, bodybuilding, swimming, dancing or any other form of activity you partake in to improve your physical health, surround yourself with others whom you share mutual respect and passion and support with.  Find a workout buddy or two, join a gym, class or club.  Hire a trainer if possible. It will benefit not only your physical fitness and training, but also feed the soul 🙂