Great question! Mipstick is just a silly word that my daughter used to say when she was little, “Mommy, I want some mipstick on too”!  Yes, she meant lipstick. But I still call it mipstick to this day, just as I often say “I can’t ablieve it” instead of “I can’t believe it”, another endearing word created by my son when he was about two.  These words are not wrong, not errors to mock. They were the result of fearless, uninhibited efforts, of not being afraid to make mistakes. And in the process of using these fun, silly not-quite-accurate words, my children learned to talk. This unique word “mipstick” both represents many things to me and represents me as a nutrition coach and educator:  a little bit of quirky and silliness, stay young at heart, never take yourself too seriously, always try your best and don’t be afraid to not get it right, never give up, embrace being different, and always have fun!