Whether you’re looking for general diet tips, guidance on performance or pre & post-workout nutrition, or would like to discuss personalizing a Nutrition & Lifestyle Program for your unique needs and goals, we can help.

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To make nutritional meal plans accessible to all, our team choses from a broad range of evidence-based programs created by our team of experts to find what’s best suited for you, after a thorough assessment of your unique needs during your initial consultation.  Your lifestyle, your caloric and macronutrient requirements, and any special considerations, all help to determine the right plan for you.  Our broad range of targeted meal plans include digestive support, candida, SIBO, anti-inflammatory, heart health, PCOS, hormone balancing, mental health, general weight loss or muscle building, and more.  Continued personalization or support, if desired, is always available with subsequent support sessions.

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The Why.

Mipstick empowers you with
knowledge and understanding of how
your body works to foster lasting,
sustainable change.


The How.

Mipstick provides the practical
steps and tools needed to ensure
success in reaching your goals.


The Help.

Mipstick offers continued support,
guidance and accountability while
establishing your new lifestyle routines.

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