Apple chemicals food additives

Having trouble losing weight?

Can’t build muscle?

Hormone troubles?

You might be chemically clogged-up.

Fact #1: Everything we are exposed to must go through the liver.

Fact #2: The liver plays a crucial role in several important functions in the body; including regulating hormonal balance, repairing and building new muscle, metabolizing all our foods and regulating fat burning and storage.

Fact #3:  As amazing as our bodies are, if it gets chronically overworked at one function, its other functions will suffer and cease to work optimally.

HOW?  There’s an abundance of science available showing the many ways that chemical food additives and environmental exposures harm the normal functioning of various body systems and organs.  But here’s a direct and not-overly-sciencey answer:

Chemical additives, pesticides, artificial colors and preservatives are all toxic substances that must be processed and detoxified through the liver.  When the liver is overburdened with this task, it will cease to perform its other functions optimally.  Make reading labels a habit and reduce your intake of chemical additives, and enjoy a shorter path to achieving your health and fitness goals!