As we were finishing off our pie and ice cream at Christmas dinner yesterday, a family member and I chatted about how full we were and how we were looking forward to getting back to clean eating. I commented that I’d put way too much sugar in my body over the holidays. Her quick response was that at least I’d still been working out. It stumped me and I didn’t know how to respond at first, as it seemed off topic.

That is, I didn’t really get how working out had anything to do with the ill-effects of excessive amounts of sugar in my body. I soon realized that she was referring to the ill-effects to my waistline as a result of too many treats.

It was a moment of pleasing self-awareness for me: to realize that my waistline had not even been a consideration in my mind. It was entirely the ill-effects to my health and well-being that I was referring to; the deregulation of body temperature, the detriments to my metabolism as a result of imbalanced blood sugars day after day…those were the sort of things that were of concern to me. To realize that worrying about my weight or body image had not even crossed my mind, was a big healthy neon sign! Without even being consciously aware of it, my well-being has taken priority over body image. And that is a good thing 🙂