The best diet is one that makes you feel amazing and works for where you’re at in life right now.

This will be different for everyone. Like many things in the wellness world, there’s a lot of contradictory information out there. Even among nutritional experts and the medical community alike, everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it.

This can be confusing, I get it!  I can tell you though, that a holistic view recognizes that every individual has a unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and belief system. What works best physically and spiritually for one may be very different than another. And that’s okay – we totally get you and honor you 🙏

We’re here to provide options and nutritional support to help you build your most optimal body from the inside out, however that feels right for you.


Having said that, there is inarguably one crucial denominator that makes something the best dietWHOLE FOOD.  

Nutrient-rich real food that supports the way your body and brain works, as opposed to processed, chemical and sugar-laden food stuff that hinders how our bodies function.

Many of us are recognizing the health benefits of eating more plant-based foods, while reducing animal products. (click here for a little read on that!)

If you’re heading this way as well, here are a few practical tools to help you transition to more plant-based eating.

  1. A plant-based protein powder is a great place to start. There are lots available, including soy based, pea protein, brown rice protein, and more.   Adding these to your smoothies is an easy way to start getting more of your protein needs met with plants.
  1. Look around your kitchen and take stock of all the plant-based alternatives you already have – you might be surprised! Almond or coconut milk, quinoa, brown rice, beans – kudos, you’re on your way!
  1. Start with foods you’re familiar with. That might be quinoa or lentils. Become comfortable adding more of these higher protein plant foods before adding unfamiliar ones.
  1. Then aim for trying one new food each week. Week one might look like adding black beans instead of ground beef to your chili. Week two you might try our tofu veggie scramble for breakfast instead of eggs. Add foods in slowly to allow both your body and your mind to become used to new things.
  1. Replace a meat-based meal with one of our easy plant-based meals. It’s that easy! Aim for 3 plant-based meals per week and go from there.
  1. Once you’re comfortable with that, try one full day of plant-based eating and see how that feels.
  1. Surround yourself with lots of options. Just as you prepared your environment for success in week one with healthy, goal-supporting foods, do the same with plant-based options. Slowly build your whole-foods plant-based pantry.
  1. Print off the whole-foods plant-based recipes that look appealing to you and have them handy in your kitchen – on your telephone desk or under Gramma’s magnet on the fridge – to remind yourself of the many delicious plant-based options there are.
  1. No judging yourself. Whether your desire is to go completely meat-free or just slowly adopt a bit more plant-based eating into your life, remember that little by little, a little goes a long way J
  1. Identify your whys. Like trying to create any new habit, knowing what your reasons are and revisiting them often can help motivate and propel you toward your goal.  For a little guidance with this, check out goal-setting blog.

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If you’re curious…

I have people asking me all the time what kind of diet I follow.

The answer: first and foremost [you can probably guess this one], I eat mostly whole foods. I’m a little paleo ‘ish in that I avoid grains as much as possible. If I do eat them, it’s typically whole grains rather than heavily processed ones. I’m a meat-eater, mostly grass-fed, pasture raised meat and eggs. I avoid dairy, except yogurt and usually goat cheese. I eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I love anything from the sea (gotta take care of my thyroid!).  Lastly, like you, I’m trying to eat more plant-based meals to replace some of my animal protein.  Oh, and I love coffee – just 1-2 cups of black each day (coffee is a food group, right?!)

My guilty pleasure: popcorn with butter (even movie theatre popcorn with the fake butter, I know – so sinful! 😱)

There are a few things I refuse to have in my house, as a matter of principle.  Can you guess what they are?

It’s pop, white sugar, and margarine 🤮 Those are my non-negiotiables.  Do you have any?  Do share! Tell us in the membership FB group.


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